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Elmet Project

In today's labor markets, which are living exponential transformations that have a cross-cutting impact on practically all sectors and occupations, continuous training, c-VET, becomes a key tool. Training gaps have a quantifiable negative impact on the employment opportunities of workers, and especially in people with a lower educational level, who are exposed to almost twice as likely to be unemployed with the economic and social loss that this implies. 

Elmet Project

One of the elements that most affect the success of a training initiative aimed at workers and unemployed people with lower qualifications is the pedagogical approach and the applied methodology. Andragogical approaches and methodologies for experiential and creative learning are placed at the centre of the stage to enable the design and delivery of innovative, motivating, and c-VET that allows the development of the so-called transversal skills of the 21st century (problem solving , communication, critical thinking, etc.)

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