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About the project

About Elmet Project

ELMET projects main objective is to contribute to the development of innovative and updated c-VET opportunities by developing a set of resources, in the form of a complete TOOLKIT that enable c-VET trainers and experts to design and use the educative Escape Games (including digital escape rooms) as new active learning methodology to develop the key abilities and competences requested from the Changing Working environments.

Additionally, the specific objectives of the project include:

  • To innovate in the field of c-VET by supporting trainers in the design, delivery and evaluation of active learning methodologies.
  • To facilitate the application of Escape Rooms, including fully digital ones, for the development of skills and competences necessary for the jobs and occupations in the digital era. 
  • To support c-VET trainers in the acquisition of competences, skills, knowledge and resources for the use of active learning methodologies. 
  • To raise awareness on the need of modernising the delivery of c-VET schemes to adapt them to new labour and learning scenarios.
  • To improve the quality of the training offered to vulnerable workers and unemployed people so they are motivated and engaged to the learning process.

The project main target group are trainers of employed and unemployed people (specially low qualified, long term unemployed, migrants, etc.) and of active professionals that want to recycle their skills and competences to new working environments.

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